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Misr Petroleum is a major lubricant manufacturing and marketing company in Egypt. We manufactur and marketing a wide range of lubricants such as automotive, industrial and greases. These lubricants are blended using a selection of the highest refined base oils and the recent additive technology developed by multinational additive producers. Our main aim to provide customers with solutions and to add value to their businesses, in whatever sector they operate.

Misr News

The latest improved aviation station openingTaba`s new station
As a prove of Misr petroleum company leadership position in all the petroleum activities, and regarding to the petroleum sector policy in aircraft aviation field, the company has opened the latest improved aircraft aviation station in Taba Airport.


Misr Club
Misr club established in 1932, on an area of 9 acres, with a sports yards for the various games such as soccer, tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball and swimming, beside that the devoted halls for practicing karate, wrestling.

Saftey and Enviroment
Through misr petroleum company's efforts to continue applying the standard specifications related to the company activities and applying an integrated management system designed to improve the performance of the company as one of the leading marketing companies in the Middle East.

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