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Misr Petroleum is a major lubricant manufacturing and marketing company in Egypt. We manufactur and marketing a wide range of lubricants such as automotive, industrial and greases. These lubricants are blended using a selection of the highest refined base oils and the recent additive technology developed by multinational additive producers. Our main aim to provide customers with solutions and to add value to their businesses, in whatever sector they operate.

Taking care of business

Misr Petroleum Bunker Division is specialized sector in marine supplies, affording you the opportunity to focus on your core business areas. Many customers depending on our primary line services of physical supply especially our services are open at all the main ports of supply, and with any combination that suits your needs.
Misr Petroleum Company is the main bunker supplier at all the Egyptian ports. The company owns and operates a large fleet of barges in the three main Egyptian ports as well as other subsidiary Ports, with average sales of 450.000 tons and market shares of up to 33% of the Egyptian market's Overall needs.

All intermediate grades from IFO 180 CST, IFO 380CST and marine gas oil are supplied for all the transiting vessel in Suez port even from the north or south bound can be supplied in Suez, Ain Sokhna, Adabya, Ras El Sadat or Ras El Masala ports without paying any extra barging costs.
Bunkers are supplied by barge only.
Misr petroleum owns and operates Five barges at Suez port, as well as Three barges in Port Said port and one barge serving Alexandria port and other near terminals and ports. the largest essential depots services can be done Ex-Wharf.
Misr petroleum barges are equipped to deliver all grades of lubricants either bulk or in drums as
per customers requests. Excellent services 24 hours a day.


Nomination of each vessel required some data such as: the vessel ETA, vessel's name, grade of the required product and the desired quantity, the shipping line agency and finally the name of the transiting port. All these data should be sent to the bunker department, head office in Cairo, at least 2 days before the time of arrival stated in the nomination 48 hours clear notice should be given to the port concerned of vessels readiness to receive its marine bunker requirements.
Please contact the bunker department to provide you with our terms and conditions of sales order to start working in the bunker business.

Our work begins before fueling any vessel by guaranteeing our customers the most competitive fuel prices. Our up to the date monitoring of the oil market enables our customers to take advantage of market pricing almost immediately. As we monitor prices, we also monitor quality assurance.

We provide Bunker Services for the following products :
Marine Gas Oils (MGO) 
Marine Gas Oils (MGO) also known as solar HSD
Marine Fuel Oils (MFO) 

We provide the most common viscosities IFO 180 Cst and IFO 380 Cst with our capabilities of blending any requested viscosity at specific port of supply.


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